Our Animals enjoy the highest welfare standards. Pigs thrive on the grass covered sandy soil on our farm while sheep and beef cattle graze the beautiful environmentally sensitive meadows of Swannington Beck, the cleanest tributary of the River Wensum.

Sows: We have six hundred free range Landrace cross Duroc sows. The sows live in arks on grass covered light land. Piglets are grown on in outdoor, straw based tents with adlib food, water and plenty of fresh air. They are fed on a cereal based diet with no growth promoters or antibiotics.

Sheep: The four hundred mules are crossed with Texel, Charolais and Suffolk rams.

Beef cattle come from the Child family at Hevingham. Their suckler herd spends the summer grazing SSSI marshes around the Norfolk Broads, mostly at South Walsham. They are over wintered in large straw barns where they are fed on stock feed vegetables and cereals. The carcasses are then hung for 21-28 days to maximise the natural tenderness and flavour.

Chickens: Barn reared Norfolk chicken or free range to order. Free range Norfolk turkeys and geese from Steve Childerhouse and ducks from Gressingham.

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